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The Roof Top Tent Project

When Camping climbs to the

No doubts the LJ have make me go to different places in this country, one thing that I quick learn was that trail head camping is the same as Boondocking, no question asked. That’s why we have take on this “Roof Top Tent” project on our tow rig. As any project that comes for a hobby it does start little unorganized until one night we seat in front of the fire pit one night and decide what was best for our budget and schedule.

The tale follows…

What we consider:

  1. Weight to be carried. We already tow 7,000 lbs.
  2. Sustantable. It must have solar power, propane, and water.
  3. How much we can DIY. Well… That’s me!!
  4. Budget. The never followed rule.

This project has been more time consuming that what I do expect. The product research has been unbelievable difficult, marketing BS, vague responded support emails and social medial reviews/opinions make things harder. I do work out a town so no much time to work as when I’m in town I go out and play. The good thing is that I do make time here and there to test and document what we purchase so you can read it and make and educated decision if that the case.

Please follow the sub pages, they are designed to collect detailed information of each important part of the built. See you there!

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